The Journey

Winter 2013: Where did we actually go?  Here is a map of our actual course!
(complete with water surface temperatures taken en route)

GPS points and Water Temperatures

Surface water temperatures

Summer 2012: Our plan is to launch at Golden Gardens park in Seattle the end of June 2012, and paddle to Ketchikan Alaska.  We will travel up the inside passage, camping, foraging and fishing along the way.  We hope to arrive in Ketchikan in early August.  The Alaska Ferry system will take us home.

We’ve mapped out a tentative route (yellow pins), plus some optional campsites as recommended by other paddlers (blue and pink pins).  Check it out on Google Maps!


8 Responses to The Journey

  1. Melinda says:

    I am so excited for you guys. I can’t wait to follow the progress. So exciting.

  2. boopr says:

    Traci — So GREAT. Jealous. We hope to do a trip somewhere up thataways this summer…a couple weeks, totally unplanned compared to you. Boo & Brent Turner

  3. mom2 and PL says:

    Will you be going through B’ham Bay? Swinomish Channel in La Conner? PapaLarry wants to figure out a way he can cheerlead! Proud of you. Love you so much. mom2

  4. Dear Tracy! Great girl!!! We wish you a dream voyage and will follow you, hoping all the best for the two of you. Lots of good luck from Susser and your mother in law Gudrun Love you!

    • You once told me how you made your first cross country race: The Amarican “Birkeeineren” using heavy unconvinient equipment rented for the ocation. In lack of skils for skiing you run the ski for an emacing distance. If you could that sucsesfully, as you did, you have all options for reaching Ketchikan in excelent styl.

  5. Knut says:

    You are sure making good progress. Any foraging yet? Hope the weather is as nice as it is here in Seattle!

  6. Knut says:

    It was great to get your call yesterday from where you are in Scull Cove at the abandoned whale research station. Glad to hear the trip is going well and can’t wait to see the pictures/film. 460 miles is a long ways and it all sounds amazing! Hope you get a couple of days of good rest and foraging as it sounds like the fishing is great. Stay safe away from the animals and hope you get the weather for a safe and uneventful rounding of Cape caution. Lots of love from your boys at home!

  7. Kari Monsen says:

    Wow Tracy – looks like you are making good progress. My husband and I leave on Saturday taking the Alaska Ferry from Bellingham – I’ll look for you along the way! 🙂 We’ll be in Ketchikan on Monday through Wednesday and then head home on the ferry again. Can wait to hear all about your adventures when we get back to school! Lykke til!

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