Gear List

A trip like this requires a variety of paddling and camping gear.  On this page you can find a basic list of the gear we will use this summer on our way to Alaska.

Camping Gear

Tracy L’s list

  • North Face all season tent.
  • Rain tarp and shock cord poles.
  • Paddlesleeve tarp supports.
  • Tent repair kit.  including sewing needle, tenacious tape, seam sealer, shock cord.
  • Down sleeping bag and dry sack.
  • Backpackers bed pad  – Rei ultra light.
  • MRS whisperlite stove and 2 white gas fuel canisters 22 fl ounce.
  • Set of nested cookpots and lids.
  • Medium fry pan.
  • Lighter 2X  and waterproof matches.
  • Fire starter sticks.
  • 1 MSR 2 liter water bag.
  • 3 cleaned and emptied box o wine bags ( great water carriers)
  • PURE Water filtration system.
  • Bear canister.
  • Metal insulated coffee cup.
  • Metal spoon, knife, fork set.
  • Bowl.
  • Filet knife.
  • Swiss army knife/utility tool.
  • Bowie knife.
  • Bear spray.
  • Halogen headlamp AA battery type.
  • Journal.
  • Telescoping fishing rod and reel.
  • Fishing tackle.
  • Dry sacks for all gear.
Traci C’s list

  • (North Face tent if we decide to bring a second)
  • second rain tarp 20’x16′
  • North Face synthetic sleeping back and dry sack
  • ExPed downmat pad
  • MRS Ettalite stove + fuel; pot
  • Several platypus 1L water bags
  • Sawyer 2L water filtration system
  • Steri-Pen
  • Bear cannister
  • Insulated mug
  • Spork!
  • Bowl
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Headlamp
  • Sketchbook(s), pencils, mini-watercolors
  • one knitting project TBD (lace = very portable!)

Kayak Gear

  • Epic small/midwing paddle and a spare.
  • Epic 18x Sport sea kayak.
  • Spray  skirt – NRS
  • Paddle float.
  • Sponge.
  • Hand pump bailer.
  • Bow line and tackle.
  • Life jacket with whistle and emergency gear.
  • Marine VHF radio.
  • Garmin GPS with downloaded maps and way points.
  • Chart case and charts.
  • Tow/rescue line and float.
  • Navigational light deck mount.
  • Deck  compass.
  • Spare  parts kit with  extra  stainless screws, nuts bolts, hatch lever.
  • Tool kit including Duct tape, needle nose pliers, screw driver.
  • Butt pad 2 versions.
  • Pool noodle for Kayak roller.
  • Epic small midwing paddle, midwing as spare
  • Epic 18x Sport sea kayak
  • NRS spray skirt
  • paddle float
  • sponge + boat towel
  • bailer
  • PFD with whistle
  • VHF radio
  • Garmin GPS
  • Deck compass
  • Deck light


  • Wool sox.
  • NRS rodeo paddling booties.
  • Light  pogies – NRS
  • Underarmour  cold gear long sleeve tops and tights x2
  • Dry shoes light weight waterproof/resistant camping boots.
  • Warm hats.
  • Down vest.
  • Rain  anarack paddling jacket-NRS
  • Light  pants – quick dry material.
  • Old  cashmere  black sweater.
  • 1 long  and 1 short sleeve black tops – quick dry material.
  • Lycra  paddling shorts x2.
  • Sun Visor  and Tilly hat.
  • Lycra  underwear and bra quick dry.
  • Kokatat gore-tex drysuit


  • Chamoix  cloth and Castille soap.
  • Toothbrush  and paste.
  • Hair comb and hair ties.
  • Small  mirror.
  • Tweezers.
  • Contact  solution, case, extra disposable contacts.
  • Glasses  and sunglasses.
  • SPF 40 proof face cream.  For hands and face.
  •  2 x Berts  Bee’s lifeguard SPF chapstick.
  • Desitin  baby Butt cream with zinc.
  • Diva cup.
  • Water  proof Masacara.
  • Deet bug  spray.
  • washcloth + soap
  • toothbrush + toothpaste
  • spare glasses, sun glasses
  • (not sure I’m going to deal with contacts)
  • waterproof sunscreen SPF 30+
  • yes on the Burts Bees chapstick

First aid kit

  • Toilet  paper
  • Bandages and Bandaids  and Moleskin.
  • Hydrocortisone cream.
  • Athletic tape.
  • Iodine tablets.
  • Ibuprofin
  • Antibiotic  ointment.
  • TP


  • CAN LC-3512   Straight of Georgia (central)
  • CAN 3927          Hecate Straight (Bonilla Is. to Edye Passage)
  • CAN3744           Queen Charlotte Sound
  • CAN 3548          Queen Charlotte Straight (Central)
  • CAN 3547          Queen Charlotte Straight (East)
  • CAN 3546          Broughton Straight
  • CAN 3545          Johnston Straight (Port Neville to Robson Bight)
  • CAN 3544          Johnston Straight (Race Passage)
  • CAN 3543          Cordero Channel (Dent & Yuculta Rapids)
  • CAN 3515          Knight Inlet
  • CAN 3513          Straight of Georgia
  • US 17434           Revillagigedo Channel
  • US 16061           Dixon Entrance to Cape St. Elias
  • US 17420           Hecate Straight to Etolin Island
  • US 17428           Revillagigedo Chanel (Nichols Passage to Tongass Narrows)

7 Responses to Gear List

  1. Shelly Ainsley says:

    I don’t see blowdryer on this list…..

  2. Shelly Ainsley says:

    and don’t forget dental floss and toothpicks!!

  3. BettyB says:

    What kind of solar battery chargers did you use?

  4. Charles Chandler says:

    I’m wondering what make and model bear canisters you used – and do they fit in front and rear compartments?. I’m thinking of getting an 18X Sport but want to be sure my canisters will fit. Thanks!

    • tglandboe says:

      Charles,A standard bear canister will not fit inside of either hatch of the Epic 18X sea kayak.  As a result of this we had to design holders and placed our canisters on the deck directly over the rear hatch.  We used high density foam and straps for this.  Perhaps future models will include a slightly wider hatch which would accommodate a standard canister.  Tracy L

  5. watersprite says:

    We both carried the BearVault, and unfortunately it does not fit into either hatch. TracyL cut a circle out of a square piece of foam to stand it upright on the back deck; TraciC just put it in a drybag, also attached to the back deck. We looked at several bear canisters and fit was an issue for many, but this was a workable solution for us.

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