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Back to the wild?

Tracy L said – how about circumnavigating Vancouver Island? Traci C said – how about summer 2018? Advertisements

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This week my paddling friends were asking what I was planning to do for entertainment when not paddling.  You mean other than eat and sleep?! Well, no books, other than a couple of Inside Passage reference books and maps. Maybe … Continue reading

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I was heading to the kitchen at work to get tea, and stopped at the door of a co-worker to say hi/goodbye before our departure; her desk was covered in coins and bills.  It looked like a piggy-bank had exploded! Upon … Continue reading

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Going Native

On Saturday, TracyL and I went to the Burke Museum for a presentation on native plants, and traditional uses in food and medicine. I knew many of the common berries and greens, but I did learn a few things – … Continue reading

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Some Common Questions (and Answers)

Why are you doing this? Because it is time for an adventure!  For many years, I’ve wanted to go on an expedition.  Every time I passed a sign that said “Pacific Crest Trail” I felt a tug to pull me … Continue reading

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Charts for real

Today I picked up charts graciously being loaned to us by Sue Dandridge. Sue and Robin Clark rowed the inside passage five years ago in a double rowboat, taking the reverse of the trip we plan. Here I have the … Continue reading

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Taste Testing

While I was getting food for the week yesterday, I checked out the bulk foods at Central Market.  I found six different kinds of dried soup, so got a little bit of each to test out. This morning I found … Continue reading

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