Who is Tracy L?

Paddling with Grey whales

Background information:

Tracy Landboe

Occupation:  High School Science Teacher, wife and mother of two teenage boys.

Years paddling competitively:  27 years

Years on the water:  35 +

Born and raised fishing, digging clams, crabbing, and scuba diving rowing, canoeing and kayaking on the Puget Sound and other waters.

How is a trip like this possible?

The keystone piece to making a trip like this possible is having a partner who is willing to hold down the household, take care of our 2 teenage boys, and put up with me, his crazy wife who is planning on taking off for a 71/2-week journey.  It would not be possible without his amazing support, or perhaps I should stay tolerance of my desire to live life.      Next summer my boys will be just old enough at 15 and 16 that they can take care of themselves and maintain the household for a few weeks.  While, I and my kayak partners in this adventure, Traci Cole and Justine Barton, will still be young enough to enjoy a trip of this length.  Life is just too short not to reach out and grab onto some of your dreams if you can.

Lucky for me, I have a job with summers off and a couple of best friends, who are also fabulous water women to share this adventure with.  Three Type A women do not take on
a trip like this without some preparation and planning so as the summer of 2012 and our epic journey approaches we will set up child care plans, carpools, prepare our maps, make plans, set up our kayaks and gear, practice our navigation and rescue skills and prepare for our departure next summer.


4 Responses to Who is Tracy L?

  1. So excited for your Tracy! I will definitely continue to follow your blog. Are you interested in getting it to go viral and sharing with our 15,000 facebook fans at Boundary?

  2. Hi Tracey

    I’m planning a kayak trip up the inside passage and thought you could help me with something. I was wondering if you had bought all the Canadian Nautical Charts or if you had come up with a more affordable and/or creative solution. Any information helps



    • watersprite says:

      We borrowed a set of charts (see equipment list: https://t2can.wordpress.com/the-books/gear-list/), which while detailed and awesome to delve into, were quite cumbersome for paddling. TracyL had a spiral bound book of charts which ended up being a lot more practical (hopefully she’ll see this post and chime in). I also had Navionics charts on my phone and iPad, which was a phenomenal resource. Many, many of the small boaters/sailors we encountered were also using Navionics.

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