Day 37: Monday July 30, 2012

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Monday July 30th.

Awoke at 7:30 am, no early start since we wanted the tide and current change in our favor. So we slowly broke our camp up in the tree line and loaded our boats awaiting the tide. 57 degrees and 90% humidity, sprinkling light wind and tons of bugs. Our head nets and gloves are a savior. I was totally swarmed last night as I tried to tie on a new gamakatsu hook to my fishing lure. My plan was to troll as we paddled down and out of the Grenville channel. Yesterday we toughed out 37 miles. That is a lot, but when it’s raining and windy and there is nowhere to stop, you might as well just keep on paddling. We stopped at one potential camp sit, but it was rocky shale with barnacles covered in fucus and millions upon millions of bugs – no wind. We both agreed that it was less painful to keep on paddling than fight insect swarms in the rain. So on we went. The result was a decent campsite and 2/3rds of the Grenville channel done in 1 day. Back to today, we launched around 10:30am and to our happy surprise we hit a nice pushing current. It stayed with us plus a building tail wind all day. We just were not ready to stop when we reached the first campsite location, so true to our recent form; “we just kept on paddling” to Bedford island. By the time we got here in 2 – 3 foot chop and building tail wind we were definitely ready to stop 25 miles. (oops we were going to take it easy today!) It was an easy 25 miles with the tail wind and current help, around 5 mph easy paddling, but since we have knocked off 90 miles in the last 3 days (what the hell?) We were definitely ready to stop paddling when we pulled in here.  I had no chance of catching a fish today. With the current and wind we were paddling too fast for trolling, although I still dragged the line until it go too rough to have my day hatch open with my pole sticking out of it, just in case…..
This beach has tons of driftwood piled up high on it and Traci C wanted to build a deck for the tent, so that is what we did upon landing. As I write this, we sit by the bonfire on logs. Soon we will retire to our tent upon our waterfront driftwood log deck, covered by the giant blue tarp. My beloved tent is starting to show signs of mold since it has been wet for several days now. Up on the logs under the tarp, it has dried out as much as anything can around 88% humidity. Thankfully it has not rained on us here this afternoon, just dark grey clouds and a nice breeze off the water that keeps the bugs away. No swarms tonight! The tide is coming up 20 feet tonight. (Everything looks totally different when the tide is up.)
11:45 pm Bedford island:  In a floating mildew cheese tent at high tide.
Our amazing tent pad/driftwood deck is about to float as the water is really coming in high. It’s several inches deep under our new raft/deck. I think the high tide is in less than an hour. Tides slow down in the last hour, (let’s hope so).  So, if the giant blue tarp blowing in the wind doesn’t keep you awake….. perhaps the lapping, ker plunking, river running sound of the water beneath your tent will, or the movement of the logs…. Or the slight cheese like odor of my now mildewing tent. Ahhh…. The sounds of nature that keep you awake at night….
Oh yea, we did hear an owl tonight….  and a pair of Loons yesterday where we were camped out – above the water line in the trees.
Eventually the tide will go down and I will sleep.
I am such a sea gypsy!


Daily Menu
Mushy oatmeal
Delicious mocha Starbucks via
Energy bar
Venison jerky
Cheddar cheese
½ bag banana chips
Bowl of couscous and cheddar cheese spread.
Cheese and crackers
Vanilla jasmine tea and 2tsp powdered milk plus 2tsp maple sugar and shot of rum.
Chocolate Bar count: It’s a zero chocolate day…OOOP’s
Swiss Family Robinson Campsite Deck

Mile 694, Bedford Island

Conditions: cool, grey, mid 50s; barometer steady at 1019

Another cool grey day, light wind from the SE building all day to a pretty good following breeze. Thankful it’s not a headwind! Didn’t rain today, although it threatened to. Nasty bugs at our camp in the morning, giving us no reason to stick around and every reason to get a move on. We left a bit earlier than planned for optimal currents, but I swear the currents do not behave as predicted. We were flying at 6-7mph! When we did hit the tide change we slowed to 4-5mph, but never any lower. I’m sure the tailwind helped. Since we were making such good time, neither of us was of a mind to stop at our first potential campsite. We sailed on in the building seas to the Gibson Islands. We were getting 2-3ft swells as we approached the islands, but Gibson shelters Bedford a bit, so not so bad. Good thing as the breeze is keeping the beach bug-free.

We’re heading into spring tides with a full moon only two days away, and neither of us liked the salal-hacking option to create a level tent spot, and there were a LOT of logs stacked up at the top of the beach, so we built a log platform for our tent. Today was supposed to be an easy day – hah! Maybe tomorrow…

Quote(s) of the Day

On Bear etiquette – “Having to eat far away from your tent and boats and fire Sucks!” – TL

TL Random Thoughts …

We both wonder how much we weigh now and how much we have lost.  However, we are both very healthy like this.

GoPro video by TracyL
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