Day 36: Sunday July 29, 2012

Sunday July 29th

Woke up early to get the tide and current we wanted. Packed up in the rain – everything is wet. Last night the clouds parted the sky was clear and we saw the growing Gibbous moon. Our mistake, we did not put the blue tarp over the tent and it got quite wet. Everything is soaking wet. We just paddled and paddled, no stops. With the current for the first 4 hours, then a very long 2 hours more against current.
Todays highlights:   37 miles by 4:00pm  a new record day  – ouch
Chamois bath, warm water and castile soap.
Current and tail wind for hours.

Daily Menu
Coffee and oatmeal and nuts and granola.
Powdered milk and dried bananas
Cheese and venison jerky
Cashew nuts, dried mango slices
2 granola bars
Corn chowder and mash potatoes
Vanilla jasmine tea with maple sugar and milk and rum
2 milk chocolate bars
Chocolate Bar count: 27

Mile 669, Klewnuggit Inlet, Grenville Channel

Conditions: cool, grey, light rain, mid 50s; barometer 1019

Yes, 37 miles today. Early start in light rain. Grey, grey, and more grey. We managed to catch the flood as planned for a very easy first 20 miles up the Grenville Channel. Several fishing boats about over the day, a tug or two with a barge in tow, and the BC Ferry. Regular rush hour. In between – and there was a lot of that – very quiet. Neither of us wanted to camp at Lowe Inlet, prime grizzly country, so we continued, looking for a decent camp spot. Bogs, bugs, and not much else. We had a waypoint at Klewnuggit, so we ate some food and soldiered on. Thirty-seven miles later we found a lovely spot and set up camp. After a meal and sponge bath (with HOT water) we felt much better. We moved our tent from its prime location through, because it looked dangerously near the rising high tide line. We’ll see in the morning if that was a good move or not.

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One Response to Day 36: Sunday July 29, 2012

  1. Robert Mommsen says:

    love you guys

    bob 10-18-2017 juneau


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