Day 30: Monday July 23, 2012

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Bella Bella and Shearwater Heaven.

This morning someone has put wildflowers on our kayaks. Clover and buttercups.
Last night I had the most glorious sleep that I can ever remember! Showered well fed and a comfortable bed inside. My body was on fire I can feel and hear everything. My senses are more alive than I can ever remember feeling in years. I just sank into that mattress and listened to my own heartbeat and breathing and the safe happy sounds of people partying outside and the wee early morning sounds of a man belching up too much alcohol.  At that I smiled in bed.  That’s a nice type of sound to hear in the night.
This morning my skin and nails look and feel better. The bug bites are healing nicely and my finger nails are not as soft. My only complaint would be my right eye is red and irritated from a contact lens scratch. Wearing them at night the other day was too much. So on with my old glasses for a day. Nothing opens up here until later today (1:00pm) because it is the day the resupply container comes in. I am looking forward to eating eggs. Here is the type of food I want.
Eggs, butter, meat and cheese.
All but eggs we have in the kayaks. No steaks of course but venison and salami.
As Traci worked on the blog I worked on gear.  Todays repairs include:
Aqua sealed my booties and fishing boots, Cleaned out the trash compactor bags and Waxed up my jacket zipper.
Spent time hanging out at Beth’s café and shop in Shearwater waiting for the store to open at 1:00 pm.  Wrote down some random thoughts…
I love being in the wild, but after a month of travelling far, each day I realize the beauty and value of things –  like pooping in a toilet ( seriously nice!)  Warm fresh water.  The feel and smell of laundered clothes. Hot food prepared by someone else.  A real shower and cleaner hair.  I am so glad to be keeping a journal.  We have seen so much and paddled to a new place every day. It is very difficult to keep track of it all. Impossible without writing things down.  Mary Anne Beasly in Poets cove posted on our blog.
Thank you Traci C for your patience and perseverance in updating the blog despite the pen ultimately slow service in Shearwater.
Afternoon – Left shearwater headed towards Idol point about 13 miles. After eating the shearwater burger, fries and a beer. With the help of a current and well fed tummy we easily paddled on. Happy and burping all the way to a non descript camp site. Gravel beach just above the high tide line . Not level and not smooth rocks either. We met 3 guys who were out kayaking in the islands and camping just down the beach, we visited with them a bit.


Daily Menu
Omelets for breakfast and burgers for lunch at the Shearwater café!
Dinner on the beach
Chocolate Bar count: 24

Persevering for a live update of the blog, in spite of a really, really crappy internet connection

Mile 525, Dufferin Island, west of Idol Point

Conditions: grey calm day, high 50s/low 60s, barometer 1022

What a sound sleep! Awesome. And a shower in the morning, just because I can. Lazy easy morning because the store doesn’t open until 1pm. Late opening on Mondays because the morning is when the deliveries are made. Got a big omelet breakfast with orange juice. Fantastic. Did another load of laundry with the clothes I forgot in the day hatch – they don’t normally go there, but with the rush launching yesterday morning that’s where they ended up. Someone had put small bouquets of wildflowers on our decks, very sweet!

Got Internet access and a latte, and spent a *very* frustrating two hours trying to catch up on email and updating the blog. Ber-lody slow. Excruciatingly so. And I paid money to be this frustrated? Arg.

We lounged around some more, ate burgers for lunch, and got some supplies at the store. Mailed postcards to Lagoon Cove and Namu, ran into Leslie and Don – our first re-encounter of the trip! And finally set off late to put in a few miles for the day.

Mild, calm, current in our favor… skimmed along to Dufferin and started looking for campsites. Not seeing anything too promising, so on to the next point, and then the next point… a likely beach appeared, but with three tents. Dang! A secondary beach was adjacent, it was late, so that’s where we set up camp. We had barely donned dry clothing when one of fellows from the neighboring camp, Dave, wandered over to say hi. He was paddling with his buddy Terry, a high school friend. They hadn’t seen each other in decades, and had met up to do this trip. Terry kayaks locally, and Dave came in from Michigan.

Dave asked where we started from, and I said Bella Bella. That’s where they are headed next. He asked if we took the ferry there, and I said no, we started from Seattle. That threw them for a loop!

His buddy Terry wandered over, and Dave started to tell him about us, stopped, and asked me to say where we started. Bella Bella, I deadpanned.

We made camp and went to sleep early, knowing we’d have to get up early because the beach would be inaccessible when the tide dropped. We secretly laughed at the need for three men to set up three tents.

Quote(s) of the Day

“We are in civilization again, dark chocolate tastes good.” TL

“Don’t drink the tannin water in Shearwater.” TL

“Yo, ho, ho, it’s the pirates life for me.” TL

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