Day 29: Sunday July 22, 2012

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Sunday July 22nd

Phillip awoke us this morning around 6:00 am to tell us the weather was changing and we had best get going out across the sound and into Lama passage. We were both sleeping hard after a late night on Don and Leslie’s sail boat looking at my video clips and trying to sleep on the dock with 2 very noisy fishing boats pulling in with radio and lights blaring at 1:00 am. So it really was nice being looked after. Thanks to Phillip’s help and gas stove we were off the Namu dock around 7:45. We paddled out following Phillip’s suggested route. We had the flood current with us after a few hours and we pushed on past Bella Bella to Shearwater.

So here we are after 30 miles all showered, laundry done. We ate steak sandwich dinners at the restaurant and we are sleeping in a room! Tomorrow Traci C will update the blog, while I work on any repair to gear that is needed. The marine store opens at 1:00 pm and we will shop and then head out for a few miles.

One highlight from today is that we passed 500 miles in under 4 weeks. No wonder we are both hungry most of the time. Tonight I enjoyed 2 gin and tonics a basket of French fries, steak sandwich and a small salad. Full?? Not really.

Daily Menu
breakfast – oatmeal & granola in powdered mild & dried strawberries
Starbucks via coffee
Lunch – venison jerky and goat cheese
fruit & nut chocolate bar and water
Dinner – Instant mash potatoes canned salmon in the rain.
Shot of Whiskey night cap in the tent.
Chocolate Bar count: 24

Mile 512, Shearwater Marina (Bella Bella)

Conditions: cool and grey becoming clear, high 50s/low 60s, barometer 1018

Up too late last night viewing the GoPro videos. They are turning out very well! Details are lost due to the wide-angle lens, but very cool. We finally crawled back to the tent around 11:45pm. I was exhausted. Sleep was spotty though, as two noisy fishing boats came in well after midnight.

Philip woke us at 6am, saying the morning weather report was not good – NW winds building earlier in the day than expected. In the light rain we made oatmeal for breakfast and set out. Tide was ebbing, which is the wrong direction for heading north in Fitz Hugh Sound, but we found eddies for a decent ride. We had a south wind build which helped when we crossed to the west side. We came to Lama Passage and pulled out for food. Once we hit this passage we started making good time, so, why not head to Shearwater? Showers! Food! Laundry! Internet! Let’s GO! Long ass way, but wind and current mostly with us. Where was the NW wind that was supposed to blow up? Don’t know, don’t care. Made Shearwater by 3:30pm after going down a seemingly endless cove. Passed a couple of decrepit houses beyond Bella Bella and I informed T2 “At last! Shearwater!”. Not. Funny. I was told. Finally came into the marina – this place is HUGE. But Showers! Laundry! A room for the night – a BED! Food! But no Internet until tomorrow. Boo. Ate a big ass meal – steak, Greek salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and no, I am still not stuffed.

After dinner I went back to the restaurant to try and get Internet access – it’s a pay service, but no one was available to take my money and give me the access code. Got to wait for the store to open in the morning; no wait, the dockmaster can help me earlier in the morning. Yay.

I passed a table where a woman I met at the dock when we first came was sitting with two gentlemen. One of them asked me “Are you one of the kayakers?” Why yes, indeed. “I’d like to talk to you” Oh yeah? Turns out he’s the editor of the Waggoner Cruising Guide – Pat had given us an old copy back at Lagoon Cove. Their dinner was just arriving, so I said come by our room later.

Verizon service came through here (Thanks for the air time, Tracy. A big fat thanks – NOT – to AT&T) so I got to talk briefly to Rachel and David. Happy.

Mark (the editor) and Don came by to talk about our trip. Some interesting tidbits around Prince Rupert and the Dixon Entrance. Mark wants to be in contact when we get back, and perhaps have us speak at the Seattle Boat Show next winter. Really? Something about showing you don’t have to be young and male to embark on this kind of trip. Yep, it’s the old lady road show. He generously gave us a new copy of the cruising guide.

Quote(s) of the Day

“We are in civilization again, dark chocolate tastes good.”- TL

“I feel like I am the most alive that I have ever been.” – TL

GoPro video by TracyL
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