Day 25: Wednesday July 18, 2012

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Cell phone reception (Yea Verizon!) Talked to my sweetie! Seems like I have been gone forever now. I will call again in the morning.

11:20 am.  What day is it today?? Really I never know and I have to look at my previous days entry in this journal or I would be guessing. Time, miles, days, they are merging together. But there is the goal/deadline of making our ferry in Ketchikan. Will we make it? I am not really certain and I don’t really care about putting any deadline pressure on this trip. It could lead to bad decision making. I must be patient. We should only go into the sea when nature says or signals that it is as safe as it will be. Most importantly, my partner Traci is not totally comfortable in the ocean and I think truly terrified of this next step. So we will and should wait. Actually this place is an outdoorsman’s paradise and I can easily busy myself with making and tending the fire, fishing and preparing the fish to eat. Sleep, rest, watch and listen to the ocean and catch up on my journal.

Back to tend the campfire. I looked it is Wednesday July 18th.

Traci C went down to the kayaks to get water and try to find a new source of water. If she doesn’t return soon, I am going looking for her, although this camp is as safe as anywhere, I believe. This morning I saw 2 boats 20 – 40 footers anchored up in the bay awaiting good weather. Traci mentioned catching a ride around the Cape and I told her that is fine with me. Really, we both have to be OK with what we are doing. She is quiet about her feelings, but on the big water all I have to do is glance at her face and paddling to see the anxiety. The thing about this next leg is that it will take 5 ½ hours of nonstop paddling on the ocean. No stops, an ordeal for certain and especially if you are truly scared and tense the entire time. From me, it will be hard to remain patient and to not paddle my own pace, which is more stable and controlled for me. That is how it will be. I am not really nervous about it… if we have good conditions. I am most worried about my butt – which is going to hurt like hell since on my low seat I have really no padding. I will wear my dry suit to stay warm, but most likely will have to pee in it or worse. I am, despite my daily attempts at cleaning a messy creature to say the least.

Vanity checklist ( Hah!)
I am a pirate of the sea. Thank goodness for my castile and chamois cloths. I can’t imagine what I would be like without them.

Yea! Traci C is back safe! No water source found. I am very glad we have plenty of water thanks to Traci’s filtering at the beautiful cougar beach in Shelter Bay..

I stayed busy all day yesterday until around 8:00pm then hit the bunk bed on a double layer of foam – Heaven! Four walls a roof and not the hard ground. (I think I was asleep in 5 minutes.) Awoke a few times at night in a pool of my own sweat, I sleep really hard.  A couple of trips in the dark, staggering to the outhouse – Really!! Then back to sleep until around 8:30 am.

I am developing a cat ass, my clothes just hang off of me. Not all bad – My body knows it is under stress and my period is quite light this time around – Thank goodness!!

Radio Update:  Technical Marine Forecast listed by environment Canada for Thursday……..visibility 15 Wind 10-20 knot diminishing to NW 10-15 knots Thursday afternoon. Wave height forecast Weds, Thurs, combined wind wave and swell. 2-3 meters to 1-2 meters near noon extended Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Forecast winds Friday SE 10-20 knots.  Saturday Variable 5-15 knots. Sunday switching to 15-20 knots late.  The forecast is looking OK if we are rested enough. Saturday is the best forecast but probably too many days away for water and time.

Radio update: 6:00 pm Wednesday evening.  The forecast is good.  Traci C declared she is ready to go!  We will awake early, pack up, haul our boats, ( ½ low tide) and depart around sunrise. It will be nice to have the less stressed and less serious Traci C back as a partner. Besides being a long time on my ass, I just don’t think this is going to be so bad. Sure hope I am right about that!

Equipment Failure
(Salt + 400 miles at sea, rocks, and barnacles just trashes stuff.)
My new rubber booties have holes on both soles. – I will try amazing tape to repair them.
My jacket main zipper is failing due to salt corrosion – I will not unzip it all the way and apply bees wax to keep it going.
I have punched a hole behind my seat in kayak.  (So much for my water tight compartments, its a duct tape repair job)
Chips in jell coat and 1000’s of deep scratches.
My phone screen shows moisture ( hope it does not fail!)
Map case has several holes in it and leaks.  (clear tape to repair them)
My knives are all rusty and losing their edges. ( I did not bring a wet stone)
Chocolate Bar count: 18

Rest Day, Skull Cove, Brahmin Island

Conditions: low 60s, barometer 1018

We decided a rest day was in order. We’re getting a big hagged, and the weather is supposed to improve, so now we’re getting fat and happy. T2 caught fish yesterday and today, delicious. Nice to have safe, secure cabins. I was having crazy dreams last night about bears in the kitchen and cougars in the kayaks. The weather is becoming milder, making tomorrow morning a good day to make the crossing. T2 got cell coverage, so I was able to at least say hi to David and Rachel – it was so good to hear their voices, even with the intermittent connection. I am suddenly very homesick. Partly due to stress, but today is calmer and so am I. I am ready to take on this stretch and move on.

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One Response to Day 25: Wednesday July 18, 2012

  1. Beth Palmer says:

    T2 I love this post, so real, so true, thanks for sharing-Beth

    Beth Lawton Palmer


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