Day 21: Saturday July 14, 2012

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July 14th

Jarred awake by alarm at 4:00 am and packed up on the old dock. We were off by 5:15am to calm seas and high fog that lowered later in the morning. Last night I awoke to do my nightly pee duty (most annoying when in the woods or on a small dock.) The stars were amazing! The Milky Way was visible in its entire glow of stars. The big dipper dipped on the tree tops. Best of all as I splashed over the dock doing my duty, I noticed that the water was a glow with bioluminescent algae. It sparkled like fireworks when you splashed. An incredible sight! I took a chance of being killed by Traci C for waking here up to see the show, both in the sky and in the water. It was a risk, but I survived the encounter.

We made really good time this morning covering 20 miles by 10:30am. We stopped in a small cove to warm up eat and drink – very tired. After we suited up again the forecasted winds had started and it was too rough to try to go on. So we back tracked to Lewis cove to try to find a suitable place to stay. It’s a very small rock, just above the tide line. Safe, downwind and with protection from the gale of NW winds. The forecast is bad news! We may be here for days. Just hoping that early morning or tonight it will calm down enough so we can make it up to the Raynor island group. Then we will be stuck waiting out a terrible gale forecast, perhaps for the next several days.

Good news – we have plenty of water. We have plenty of food. This rock is as safe from large predators as we could hope for out here. We have secured the boats. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Bad news- spring tides will probably swamp this rock. It’s really steep and slippery for loading and unloading the kayaks and we have upset a baby crow in its nest.

Chocolate Bar count: 15


Defecation at Sea

Total miles: 383, Lewis Cove

Conditions: high 50s, barometer still steady at 1018-1016

We started early today for calm weather. Alarm at 4am, paddling by 5:15am. Calm, foggy, flat. Basically uneventful, except for awarding the first merit badge for defecation at sea. Awesome, I am so proud. We stopped at Polkinghome Is. for a quick bite to eat; misty and chilly, put on pogies. Onward with a very good ride to Lewis Cove. Good mileage, 20 miles in five hours; still early in the day. Stopped for mac&cheese for fuel and warmth, but when we tried to press onward a nasty NW wind had built up. And was growing. We turned back around the point and found a rock ledge island with a acceptable camp rock, and a decent ledge for the boats, but not the easiest access at low tide. Tiny rock, away from mainland, bear risk = low, ideal camp site. Bonus is a small tree we can anchor the tent to, and we can hang out in the lee of the wind.

Wind building to gale force is predicted for the next several days. Not so good. Eat and sleep so we can be ready to bust out of here. I will be so glad when we are past Cape Caution. Barometer is falling slightly – we’ll see what the morning holds.

Quote(s) of the Day

TL Quote “All I do is pee it seems.” – TL

T2 Quote ” When traveling light everything must be used at some time and have more than one purpose.”- TL & TC

Wilderness Toilet paper rating What haven’t we used?

Smells goodHas a firm side

Holds its shape

Too rough
Not available at water’s edge
Sun warmed cobble stone
Warm and smoothDoes not disintegrate
Avoid the barnacles
Does not bend
Fucus Algae ( #1 natural product)
Has texture, firm yet softSelf-moisturizing and lubricating
Available only at low tide

GoPro video by TracyL
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