Day 19: Thursday July 12, 2012

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Lagoon Cove Marina

Today we paddled by several abandoned places against strong currents for several miles and into the wonderful refuge of Lagoon Cove.

Tonight we are sleeping in the backyard of the owners of the Lagoon Cove Marina. On grass after enjoying a happy hour with Robin and Tom from Tacoma and listening to great stories from Jean and Bill the owners and hosts.
No worries tonight. Lots of food and drink. I purchased 3 chocolate bars at the dock store and ate them all. I am losing weight now, probably not eating enough, so I will need to fish more and make an effort to eat more. Still a long way to go on this journey.
We took it easy today, but still had to fight some major currents to get here. It was so worth it. Showers, sun, wonderful boating/yachting people, candy bars, good stories and all.
We sleep worry free in the tent tonight. Seems like a palace, compared to last night.

Thank you to:
Pat at Lagoon Cove for the hospitality and navigation advice.
Robin & Tom for the gin & tonics, food and great company & oatmeal of course.
Betty for the contact solution and oatmeal.
The Portland Yacht group for letting my use their sat phone to call home.
Wonderful, generous people all.
This trip makes you really appreciate things like clean hair, company, food, flat sleeping surfaces, water, a toilet, a sink….. etc.

Chocolate Bar count: 15

Total miles: 337, Lagoon Cove

Conditions: Pleasant day, high 60s/low 70s, barometer steady at 1018-1019

Gale force winds forecast for Johnston Straight. Our decision to detour through the Broughton’s is reinforced as the correct one. We broke camp and started paddling, mostly favorable conditions around the south of the Cracrofts. However, along the east shore of East Cracroft, again against the tide. It always seems to be against us! We battled it out, but I was very tired and once again shamelessly drafted the stronger T2. We passed a cool, unmarked shop at Slow Point where two happy, excited dogs came bounding down the dock to greet us. It would have been nice to stop, but the current was building. We made it to South Mistral Island, where an abandoned building that once housed a marina and pub sadly stood, forlorn and lonely.

It must have been near slack because the forbiddingly named Blowhole was a non-event. We turned the corner into Lagoon Cove, a very welcome haven. Showers! Hot Water! No laundry, but who cares? Batteries for the power hungry GPS. Nice People!! We met several wonderful couples from Portland – four boats, and offers of oatmeal and saline solution for T2 (lost in her punctured toiletries bag). We hung around and got great advice from dockmaster Pat on where to resupply and stop over. We asked for and got permission to camp in the back – a lovely open and grassy area. We were invited for cocktails by Robin on the Midnight Sun (one of our oatmeal donors), then went to the community appetizer gathering/potluck. Although we had nothing to contribute (instant mashed potatoes anyone?) but some stories, we were made welcome. Fresh caught prawns for all. Delicious. Rest, restock, restore.

Later that evening was singing around the campfire. T2 joined in, but I was tired and had had enough socialization. Sleep was way too inviting.


GoPro video by TracyL
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One Response to Day 19: Thursday July 12, 2012

  1. Robert Mommsen says:

    cool bear story ….you cant out run or out swim a grizzlie but you did…. wish iwas was there passing by in a kayak to pull you from the water but then you probably take all the fun of it by wanting me to rescue your clothes. I think you were pretty close to latitude N 50 27 ‘ where I rescued a crashed plane and pilot ill mail you a photo and artical if I find your mail address bob ketchikan Date: Sat, 25 May 2013 18:48:44 +0000 To:

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