Day 14: Saturday July 7, 2012

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July 7th, A rest, cheeseburger and laundry day.

We broke camp and moved the kayaks down the granite slope with the tide and then paddled over to the Refuge bay co-op. What a cute yaught place!
Right away, Traci C declared. “I want a shower first, then laundry!” We tied off the kayaks at the dingy dock and brought along our electronics, money, dirty clothes, etc. the laundry cost $3.25, a shower $4.00. The coop store had everything. I mailed off 4 algae samples to Nicky on Vancouver island and purchased deodorant, large zip lock bags and AA batteries. We hung out all morning. The shower felt great! The cookie and cheeseburger tasted amazing and oh….. the diet coke!  It was 80 degrees today, so nice to be hot. Traci C got online and updated the blog. We had many new posts and comments from people. I shot a bit more film of Refuge bay. Then we loaded up and paddled over to camp on an island just a few miles away. We are getting good at finding spots and using the tidal elevator to lift us up to rock ledges. I dove for urchins and we ate the eggs with our miso soup for dinner, that was delicious. I have set out a bobber with a huchi, the last couple of evenings. No bites yet! I think I may get more serious about fishing, soon. Enough of this casual rock ledge bobber stuff.  The oysters and urchin eggs are great, so far, but I think I want to really fish, soon.
I love listening and watching the birds here…. The oyster catchers make a great whistle sound and they have the most amazing bright orange, long bills… they are such busy birds, noisy, nervous and really cool! There is a mated pair on the rocks not far from our camp site tonight.  Other amazing birds include; Marbled murlet pairs off of Savory and Oyster catchers off of Joyce point.
Some critter, probably an otter lives on this island and eats lots of green urchins. I saw empty shells and dove for some for dinner. The urchin eggs were delicious in Traci C’s miso soup, yummy!
Tonight, I am in the tent, set up on an amazing ledge, looking down the Teakerne arm, what a view! My tent is set up on sphagnum moss, it is so soft, I will sleep well tonight. Before lying down for the night, I ate some fresh huckleberries right next to my tent. What a yummy snack.
Today was basically a rest day. Tomorrow we only go around 12 miles to set up for running the Yakulta and Dent rapids the next day. My left shoulder needed a day off, so this will be good. I must say; clean clothes smell so Great!


Daily Menu
Oatmeal raisins & powdered milk
chocolate raisin cookie
trail mix
diet coke
miso soup with fresh urchin eggs
3/4 chocolate bar
fresh huckleberries

Chocolate Bar count: 8.75

Total miles: 243, Joyce Pt. on the Teakern Arm.

Conditions: Hot and calm again, high 70s/low 80s; barometer 1017-1020

Afternoon haze, more so than yesterday. Ever so slight SE wind, nothing now. Tracy is diving for urchins. Uni! Meanwhile we wait for the kayaks to rise on the tidal elevator. Yesterday I found a tow rope, so now we each have our own. Tracy found the other last summer on Jones Island. We are expert scavangers.

We spent the day in Refuge Bay, getting a shower, doing laundry, eating burgers, catching up on the blog, and general R&R. We are both feeling well but a bit fatigued. My butt has been sore due to the high-knee angle, thanks to overpacking – I have the small purple dry bag under my knees. I’ve slowly been able to offload its contents as we eat food and free up space in the hatches. My hands are also doing much better. I wore the fingerless Kakadu gloves the first day, and that was a mistake. Gave myself three whopper blisters. This was very disheartening, as I had used these gloves for hour long paddles no problem, and I thought I was being pro-active in preventing any issues. Instead they *caused* the issues. I went back to the full-finger racquetball gloves, tried and true for the distance. I have cut the very tips off these gloves, as my fingers quickly become white and prunified. Yuck. Two weeks in, and even with sunscreen, gloves and hat, I am getting brown hands and a tanned face – and pasty white everywhere else. Skinny dipping yesterday felt GREAT, as well as sunning like seals after. The water temperature is surprisingly mild. Will do that again tonight when the fishing and pleasure boats go home.

Quote(s) of the Day

TC Quote – “I WILL have the cheeseburger! -(TL found this hysterically funny.  I don’t know why…)

GoPro video by TracyL
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