Day 12: Thursday July 5, 2012

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July 5th

Today ended on Harwood island, with white sugar sand, beautiful sunset over desolation sound and 72 degrees. We even rinsed off in a fresh water stream- it was Glorious! I am too tired to write – I will catch up in the morning. 28 miles, today. 218 total
This day began on Texada Island at the hydro lines. A beautiful morning and day.
Sunshine, calm water, no wind all day. We paddled northward along the dark, black volcanic cliffs, all day stopping for lunch and sprawling out on the warm dark cobble in a wild cove, like seals on the rocks. I ate Jarlsberg cheese and salami for lunch plus a couple of energy bars. Tucked into this cove, we hung out with the kayaks tied down to a large rock.
The colors are eye-popping, the most amazing, neon green- ulva sea hair on the large cobble, covered and crawling with purple shore crabs. Brown sugar wrack, sea noodles, as well, contrasted against the dark black basaltic rock. As we ate we were buzzed by a hungry hummingbird, watched by an irritated seal, and mated pair of bald eagles, as dragon flies darted above our heads.
After lunch we pushed off and continued our slow, against tide pace to the end of Texada. Stopped by at Blubber Bay – duty call.  I reached the band administrator for Harwood island by cell phone and got permission to camp on their island. So after eating some chocolate, off we set to Harwood. We had to paddled ¾ way around it looking for a site at high tide to camp. It was pretty close to the water line, but what a beautiful place.

Daily Menu

  • Breakfast
  • Granola bar & powerdered milk
  • 2 bars on the go.
  • Lunch
  • Jarlsberg Salami & Pita chips
  • Dinner
  • 1 chocolate bar
  • 1 bowl of Tortalini
  • 1 liter water
Chocolate Bar count: 7

Total miles: 216, Harwood Island

Conditions: sunny and warm! Mid 70s, barometer 1017

Lunchtime. Mile 200 was at the Texada mines. Gorgeous, sunny day. Looks like we’re heading for some good weather now. Stopped for water at Harwood Point; changed batteries for the GPS too. The rechargeables just don’t last very long. The mining operation is huge, on an simply incredibly vast scale, but we found a nice pocket beach just north to stop for lunch with two eagles, a curious seal, and a hummingbird that wants to dive bomb Tracy’s orange hat. The water just gets calmer and flatter, and soon we should have an incoming tide to give us a ride.

Evening. 26 mile day – long, but gorgeous. T2 called and got us permission to camp on Harwood Island.

GoPro video by TracyL
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