Day 11: Wednesday July 4, 2012

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Wednesday July 4th. Happy Birthday Tore – I miss you.

Today we let the 14 foot tidal drop be our elevator. We slept in then carried our empty boats down into the water, tied them to a rock and just kept on lowering the rope as we packed up camp. No hauling of heavy boats and minimal scraping of kayak hulls on oysters and cobble stones covered with barnacles.

The sun came out! We paddled over from behind Jervis Island into a slight headwind of northern sunshine! We scared 30 or so sunning seal pups off of a large rock as we passed. A great sight, we felt bad, but it was amusing to see all those sliding, crashing and diving seal pups. Heading towards Texada Island, we cut across the channel behind 2 tug boats pulling barges, stacked high with containers heading north and one fishing boat named Star Wars 2. We landed just north of Shingle beach at the Hydro cables and made camp just behind the logs up in the beach grass.

We left the boats down in the water and tied them off, letting them slowly float up the beach on the rising tidal elevator as we sunned ourselves laying on the warm pebble rocks just like the seal pups, all afternoon long. After days of rain, everything is dried out. We both had a salt water bath and now sit beside our beach fire as the sun is setting far to the North. (We love the sun!) The 10 miles we travelled today feels like nothing!
Now back to tend my fire and roast some oysters I collected from the beach earlier today.

It’s 8:15pm calm, finally clear skies and I can see snowcapped mountains to the West on Vancouver Island. Beautiful!


Daily Menu

  • Breakfast
  • Hot oatmeal ( 1 instant with flavor + plain oats)
  • 1 oatmeal bar & handfulls of trail mix
  • water
  • Lunch
  • Salami & Jarlsberg cheese on pita chips
  • Banana chips  & more trail  mix
  • Dinner
  • Corn chowder
  • Fresh baked Oysters
  • Lots of sunshine!
Chocolate Bar count: 5.5

Total miles: 188, Near Shingle Beach, Texada Island

Conditions: sunny!

Short easy day to make up for yesterday’s excessive time in the boat. Beautiful sunshine! Warm! We came to a fantastic site near power lines, with a warm pebble beach. Heaven. We fell out of our boats and soaked up the sun like seals, burrowing in the smooth, sun-warmed pebbles of the beach. We baked on the beach, brought out all the gear to dry – most of which had been packed in the rain in Nanaimo, and charged up all the batteries.

During our paddle we saw a ton of seals on Jervis Island, but unfortunately we scared them all off their rock. There must have been 30-40 of them. Next we went out and played in traffic – tugs hauling containers, one in each direction. We scooted along the shore and saw lots of sandy beach options. A far cry from yesterday!

Now Tracy has a nice beach fire going, and unlike last night we have enough beach at high tide to keep it going. Happy 4th!

Quote(s) of the Day

If this is what it feels like to be a seal, then I want to be a seal in my next life! – TL

GoPro video by TracyL
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