Day 10: Tuesday July 3, 2012

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Tuesday July 3rd.

Journal entry in a blue plastic wind tunnel!

Does BC have enough rock to hold down Traci C’s giant blue tarp?

Warm and toasty in our yellow palace, wrapped up in a giant undulating blue tarp.  (Sure glad I brought my ear plugs along.)  Today up at 6:00 am packing and breaking up camp in the rain.  Out by 8:00 am as the water quickly disappeared from the channel between Protection island and New Castle.  Even using my amazing blue foam noodle rollers the kayak left some white gel coat on the  beach.  Oysters, barnacles and sandstone are tough on kayak hulls.  We paddled along Vancouver island North to the Winchelsea islands then out across the Strait of Georgia.  One long ass day in the saddle without a break,(about 22 miles straight.) We stopped on Lasqueti island to get off of our butts, eat and pee.  I downed a package of smoked salmon.The weather has rained for the past 2 days, however the seas are calm, so the paddling is good.  Large crossings like this one are so monotonous and boring.  The only thing that made it go was my singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall.  I made it through the entire 99 bottles to arrive on Lasqueti island quite drunk and horse of voice, but happy to be able to stand up again!

We headed alongside Jedediah island and found a great camp site up under some arbutus trees.  Build our first bonfire. The high tide drowned it out before bedtime.  Our kayaks are pulled way up onto the highest logs.  Full moon tonight, high high and very low tides.    Time to Sleep!


Daily Menu
Hot Granola
2 Energy Bars
1 package smoked Salmon on Lasqueti
Egg plant Quinoa
chocolate pudding dessert.

Chocolate Bar count: 5

Complete rendition of “100 bottle of beer on the wall” as crossing aid

Total miles: 178, Jedediah Island

Conditions: cool becoming clear

Left buckets of rain behind in Nanaimo, and stayed dry for the day. Pleasant. Departed with the outgoing tide, chasing the water to float our boats. It was a race to get them loaded and near the water. Rain rain rain. We headed north to Nanoose Bay and a small group of islands, staying well clear of the Winchelsea Naval Testing Area – although all look quiet today. At low tide there was nowhere to pull out and rest, so onward. We decided to skip the Ballenas Islands for the same reason. Mild conditions, slight quartering wind, onward to Lesquiti Island. LONG, long crossing. Tracy completed “100 bottles of beer on the wall” for the first time in her life. That long. It got us across. Found a small rocky beach to pull out, 22 miles from our start. Egad, not what we had planned! Got back in the boats and passed a bunch of seals on a rock – they looked like silvery grey slugs! They all humped off in a hurry when we passed by. On to Squitty Bay marina, a cool slip in the rocks but nothing more than a protected dock and moorage. No facilities, but a place to at least stretch our legs. Dried out a bit and made a final push to Jedediah. Found a nice spot to camp, but now it is windy. High tide buried Tracy’s campfire, bummer. My butt is *tired*.

Quote(s) of the Day

Why stop, when you can keep on paddling? – TL

Just let the elevator do the work – TL & TC  (elevator=tide)

I am not feeling quite so fluffy any more – TC

GoPro video by TracyL
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