Day 9: Monday July 2, 2012

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56 degrees July 2nd Yep! Rainy Monday after Canada Day.

Morning Notes:    Today, I slept well – ear plugs in place, level ground, elevated head.  Got up at 6:00 am and headed to the 1 Looney shower.
Hot water and my caustic Castile soap.  Nothing cuts the grease like Castile soap.  Just keep your eyes slammed shut and scrub away.   Back to the tent, smelling of Eucalyptus and slept another hour or two, listening to the  rain pounding on the blue tarp.  Warm and Dry.
This rainy Monday morning it was Kathleen P to the rescue!!!  Surfski laundry service, tour guide and lovely Nanaimo hostess – All 100% expert water women style.  (worlds only Huki girl laundry delivery).  She paddled over, picked up our laundry and off she went.  We spent the day visiting and touring Nanaimo.  Catching up on my Journal, resting and Thank you Kathleen, received clean clothes!!!.

Monday afternoon July 2nd

We took the harbor ferry over to Nanaimo, met Kathleen and walked the beautiful waterfront to Starbucks.  I attempted to get cash using my bank card, but I forgot my pin number.  I must be VERY relaxed and on vacation!  As we hung out at Starbucks, I plugged my cell phone into a wall socket to recharge it and asked a big guy with long hair and multiple tattoos working on his laptop if I could charge up my Go-pro using his usb port.  (Yes we are mooching power every where possible!)  Traci updated the blog while Kathleen and I looked at the charts.  Then we went back to the cash machine to see if my brain was working again – YES, it was and Canadian cash was removed from my account.  Dinner at Trollys fish and chips – 2 pieces of fresh Halibut and sweet potato fries!!  Went down great, but my tummy is taxed and maxed, definitely not used to deep fry right now.

Clean laundry…. Canadian cash…. AA batteries located and chapstick…. Blog updated… Mission accomplished today!


Dealing with Female shit.
How do you deal with this on the water.
Rule 1. Always wear Black.
Rule 2 Prepare to be disgusted with your animalness.
Here is what I did:
Sat on my chamois
Used my Diva cup
Sat in the cold water on stops to dump cup, pee and rinse out tights.
PS. Traci is laughing her pre menopausal laughs…. But I don’t have any blisters on my hands – So there!
( Just say no to gloves and grip tape on your paddle.)

Chocolate Bar count: 4

Nanaimo rest day

Conditions: cold, grey, and wet. Mid 50s and rain; barometer hanging around 1014

Kathleen came and met us in the morning. She picked up our wet and stinky laundry and packed it on her surfski – a true act of heroism. We’ll take the ferry over to the mainland later today and have lovely dry gear, and find a warm dry place to eat and visit. Next we were met by Lana, her husband Joe, and son Vincent. She brought more vials for algae sampling, took the two Tracy had already collected, and talked about the research a bit. She is Nicky’s assistant, but as it is a holiday we couldn’t meet Nicky herself – she was on Saltspring Island (which we had already passed) for the weekend. They are appreciative of our assistance, which we are very happy to supply. Evidently renting a boat to gather samples is very expensive.

(Note: first can of gas depleted for my camp stove – perfect timing to dump the empty. This was used for our four day outing last summer, so started less than full.)

Rain, rain, rain. Took the little foot ferry over to the mainland and met Kathleen. We went to Starbucks and did pirate charging of electronics (no solar charging today!) and blog updates, then had wonderful Halibut with yam chips. She sent us back with clean laundry – NICE.


GoPro video by TracyL
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