Day 6: Friday June 29, 2012

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Rest Day camping at South Pender island campground.

Slightly overcast 5-8 mph breeze with sunbreaks.

Hanging out drying out paddling gear and resting. I read up on Galiano and surrounding islands up to Nanaimo.

Last night we had a wonderful conversation with a retired English couple from Wales, while we hung out under the blue tarp in light rain waiting for the quinoa to set up for dinner. Visiting with people is a real delight. This morning I awoke around 6:00 am and headed up to the pit toilet, made some coffee and checked out the oysters on the beach. I have not seen oysters lying on a beach in decades. We don’t have them in the North Puget Sound. Even so, no harvesting allowed here and even if it was, I would not eat anything here, too much pollution floats over from the harbor. Nasty green algae bloom near shore on our arrival yesterday afternoon. (I did not take a sample- probably should have). I made whole wheat pancakes this morning. It took 4 attempts to get the temperature and timing right. Stuffed myself because Traci was too full to eat as much as I mixed up. ( It was Landboe portion sizes!)

I tried to carve a couple of clothes pins out of cedar driftwood pieces – to use to hang up wet clothes.

8:20 pm – Paddled over to Poets cove marina, charged up my cell phone in the pub’s bathroom outlet and we filled up our water containers as well at the pool and spa’s drinking fountain. Ate dinner at the restaurant and it was great! Not inexpensive of course – resort prices. I ate a delicious hamburger, salad and sweet potato fries. The Friday drink special was a Long island ice tea. I had two, the first one was a double, no need for ibuprofen. So far on this trip, I think I am gaining weight!

When we returned to the campground, we had a note on our tent from the Park Ranger that said we had to move our camp to a designated tent pad site in the wet bug infested area ..,Yuck!

No open tent tonight and it will be a mad dash to the beach in the morning.

Off to Galiano island tomorrow.


Daily Menu

  • Starbucks Via coffee
  • Blackberry sage tea
  • Whole wheat pancakes
  • Bedwell Harbor Burger (prime rib burger & salad)
  • Sweet potato fries
  • 2 Long island ice teas.
Chocolate Bar count: holding at 3

Conditions: light wind, overcast, low 60’s; barometer 1015

Rest day

Light rain overnight, pleasant today. Drying stuff out, charging batteries, rearranging gear. Lazy and good. Tracy made pancakes, but she is used to feeding a family with three large males, two of them rapidly growing and very active adolescents. Way too much food for the two of us!

Met a woman, MaryAnne, who lives on her boat, and she gave us some good suggestions for nice places to camp or restock. One on Galliano is a little too close, but north of Lund she recommended Squirrel Cove and Refuge Cove (opposite each other).

We had to move our campsite to an “official” spot. The problem with approaching campsites from the water is that we are tired and wet, and just want to get dry, so we setup camp and get into dry clothes before finding the official rules – we have to go looking for them! It’s not a problem, except that away from shore it is much buggier. I hate mosquitoes. We had to seal up the tent, which turned it into a sauna. My fingers swelled up like sausages and I had nightmares of my ring becoming a tourniquet on my finger.

I’ve got the gypsy in me. Two nights in one spot and I’m feeling restless.

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