Day 5: Thursday June 28, 2012

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Thursday Afternoon June 28th

Another 20 miles. We are hanging out on an ancient shell midden, camped under the big blue tarp at the campground just across from Bedwell harbor. Grey skies and drizzling rain. Today we left Crane island in the sunshine and crossed over to Waldron island and flat top…..

I am currently watching a mink on the beach right below me, passing on by as it works the shoreline looking for things to eat. The birds told me it was there moving, by their sudden silence.

This morning, and afternoon we crossed over to South Pender island around 6-7 mile crossing on calm seas…. Grey skies.

(Cool the Mink caught a fish – So fast!)

Saw lots of harbor seals especially around Purple island. An amazing Bald Eagle perched above my head just a few feet away alongside Jones island.

Canadian Customs went smoothly. We checked in at the pay phones at Bedwell harbor. It was easy, just a short telephone conversation.

We rinsed off in HOT water in the resorts bathroom after checking in at customs by phone. I got most of the crystalized salt out of my paddling clothes. Thanks to Castile soap and frequent salt water rinses I don’t smell badly, Yet!

My left shoulder aches this evening. Tomorrow will be a rest day here. That is good for my shoulder and butt. No real problems, no blisters or injuries. Two more days of female problems to endure….

  • My Daily Menu
  • Breakfast
  • Oatmeal+ brown sugar
  • Starbucks via mocha
  • nut bar
  • 1/2 apple Lara bar
  • Handful of trailmix
  • 1 liter water
  • chai tea and instant milk
  • Dinner
  • instant mash potatoes garlic flavor
  • Quinoa and spinach sauce
  • venison jerky
  • slices of salami and cheese spread
  • .5 chocolate bar
Chocolate Bar count: 3

Total miles: 98, Poet’s Cove, Bedwell Harbor, South Pender Island CANADA

Conditions: chilly, mid 50’s, calm, overcast; barometer 1014

From Crane Island the day started warm and clear. We had the kayaks tied up on the dock so the gear schlepping was at a minimum, but the gear we did need we had to haul up and down a rickety aluminum walkway to a rock scape over very uneven terrain.

Let me back up to last night. The hammock was great, but I should have used the sleeping pad – remember that next time. The sleeping bag got compressed underneath me and my backside was cold. Routine = roll over and warm the other side. Repeat all night long.

Near morning I heard rustling in the bushes beside me, and wondered what Tracy could be up to. Especially as she was camped on the other side of me. I popped my head out and there was a deer staring right back at me. I kept still and quiet and she gradually started grazing and moved off.

Onward. The initial paddle was clear, calm and hot. We passed Jones Island, and moved on past Speiden. The day stayed calm, but it kept clouding up more and getting colder. We took a brief snack break, put on our jackets, then paddled past Stuart Island – cool rock strata and a very fearless young eagle sitting just above the shore. The Boundary Pass waters were calm and clear, no ships, so we went. Canada! We reached South Pender Island uneventfully and came into customs at Poet’s Cove. Shivering we talked to customs officials by phone (I got the tough cop, T2 got the easy cop), then went to the washrooms for hot showers. Yeah! The campsite was across the bay, so we paddled over and set up camp just as the rain started to gently fall. Tomorrow is supposed to be a weather day, so we can take a rest day. My hands and butt say thank you!

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