Day 4: Wednesday June 27, 2012

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Wednesday June 27th

We awoke at 6:00 am to break camp and haul gear to the beach – Launch at 8:30 am. A beautiful day for paddling. Easy cruise across the Fidalgo straight over to Lopez pass with a short snack stop in between Lopez island and Decatur, then off to Spencer Spit State Park for a lovely lunch in the sun, sitting on the warm pea gravel beach visiting with Diana Skyles a 7th and 8th grade science teacher from Arcadia California. Only flaw in the day is that I have to deal with female issues- (a bloody mess for the most part). Enough said about that!

After lunch we headed around Lopez to Shaw Island and met Annette Smith a family friend and Knut’s cousin, at the Shaw Island store. We had a wonderful visit. David, super delivery man, arrived on the 3:30 Ferry with 2 new solar panels in hand. I took some pictures of the kayaks on the dock, drank a beer, soaked up more sunshine, ate ice cream and then we said goodbye to David and paddled up around Crane island to camp at Anette’s parents property. A wonderful spot with a great view up towards Jones island on the point. We unloaded, set up camp and I dried up most of my wet gear in the late afternoon sunshine.

The weather forecast is going bad by Friday, so we head to Bedwell Harbor and Canada in the morning. We may be stuck there for a day or two??


My Daily Menu

  • Breakfast
  • granola with fresh strawberries
  • Starbucks vanilla via coffee
  • snack – Lara bar cherry
  • peanut butter granola bar
  • water, water
  • Lunch
  • Kalkauna cheese spread on pita chips & salami
  • Shaw island Store
  • dark chocolate espresso ice cream
  • 1 Large Heineken Beer
  • Dinner
  •  More chips & cheese spread
  • cheese tortelini ( dropped on the ground by Traci to add flavor)
  • 1 can salmon
Chocolate Bar count: holding at 2
Necessity is the mother of invention:
neoprene bootie beer-can holder

Total miles: 80, Crane Island

Conditions: sunny, calm, warm, and gorgeous

Not much to say! Gorgeous day, calm water, easy paddling – a real joy and treat. Stopped for lunch at Spencer Spit (Lopez Island), lay on hot rocks, talked to Diana Skyles, a middle school science teacher from Arcada (Humboldt County, CA). She and fellow science teacher Tracy had a good conversation. We continued on to the ferry landing at Shaw about an hour before David was due. Tied up the boats and had marvelous Espresso Explosion ice cream. Tracy’s cousin Annetta came by to say hi. David was right on time on the 3pm ferry, Joos Oranges in hand. We opened them up and I started charging right there. I had a nice hour and a half with David, last hug for six weeks, then we set off to Crane before it got too late.

Lovely setting at Tracy’s aunt & uncle’s place, but very uneven ground, so I set up my hammock for the first time. Writing in it now, but getting buggy. Last night in the U.S.


GoPro video by TracyL
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