Day 3: Tuesday June 26, 2012

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Tuesday June 26th

This morning we awoke at our Camano island pirate camp realizing Traci C’s solar panel recharger was toast. The saltwater ate up the iPad port after 2 days. (Nothing is truly salt water proof.) The iPad and iPhone do not use a usb port, for some greedy apple, stupid reason…., so my re-charger cannot be used to charge up her apple products. I did not set up Tore’s, ( my younger son) iTouch with the information needed for the SPOT so using that as a backup device was also out…… Tech issues.

Tuesday afternoon – 20 miles later.

Bowman Bay camp ground $25.00 per night to camp! Yikes! – This is not pirate camping!

We mooched electricity from the women’s bathroom for our cellphones and both had long hot showers. We made the best of the money spent. So as I write this, Traci C is updating our blog in the women’s bathroom at Bowman bay campground. We just had a wonderful dinner of homemade garlic scape soup, pasta salad with greens and Mallard strawberry ice cream topped with fresh strawberries from Bellingham. All delivered to us by Rosalie & Larry, close family friends of Traci’s.

Today we paddled around 20 miles, the first 8 or so with a good tail wind, surfed across Skagit Bay at double the speed, (If you can call it that), we had yesterday. Waited for the low tide slack then went through Deception pass – flat calm, uneventful with only a nasty head wind. We are both really tired and REALLY tired of hauling gear, packing and unpacking, packing up again.

Chocolate Bar count: 2

Total miles: 61 (approximately; GPS batteries died at Deception Pass), Bowman Bay

Conditions: cool, breezy west wind

Power crisis take two: still have some juice for phone, so I looked up Solar Joos site. No phone number. Crap, crap, crap. Sent them an email and then called David. Left a message. Packed up and continued the paddle. Grey, overcast, breezy from west; 10-12mph building in the afternoon. Unlike yesterday, we got a nice push from the wind and tides. Oh yeah! Traveling at least twice the speed for half the effort.

Stopped just before Deception Pass to wait for slack tide. Tired and cold, we put on dry clothes. WONDERFUL. Tried my phone, but while it had a 30% charge in the morning, it came on just long enough to show I had two messages and then it crapped out. Oh well. Wait for slack tide, put on the wet paddle gear, and off we go. Nice ride up top, strong winds below, tide/current not a player. Easy Peasy! Came into Bowman Bay and found a campsite. We missed the water trail/walk in sites and landed in a car spot. $25 a night – yowza. Hot showers though, and power. Rosalie and Larry met us with a wonderful feast of double garlic soup, pasta and fresh veggie salad, and fresh strawberries with Mallard (Bellingham) strawberry ice cream. Awesome feast of love and food. Called David, and he is getting two Joos Orange Fed-Ex’d, and will personally bring them over to Shaw Island since FedEx won’t overnight to a post office (really?!). What a total love.

Last, can’t forget my heron friends. I was slightly nervous about Deception Pass. At my first Dash race, it was an ebb after slack with very strong west winds. The standing waves at Canoe Pass were 3-4 feet tall. Fun in the Eddyline Falcon, but I wasn’t sure about the fully laden Epic. We were headed through the pass at the slack after ebb, so hopefully not such a big deal. As I headed into Canoe Pass, at an early bend a heron took off before I could see around, as if to tell me it was ok. And it was ok. Another bend, another heron. No rips or eddies to speak of, just a strong headwind and slight flood rips starting up. Thank you herons!

GoPro video by TracyL
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4 Responses to Day 3: Tuesday June 26, 2012

  1. You two rock! I love reading about your adventure.

  2. watersprite says:

    Thanks Natasha! We’re having fun reliving the adventure by posting our journals online. It’s fun to see the two perspectives side-by-side, plus the photos of the day. Our goal is to now consistently post an updated every weekend. Stay tuned!

  3. Robert Mommsen says:

    love you guys bob ketchikan alaska at seattle boat shw this wk Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2013 02:00:13 +0000 To:

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