Day 2: Monday June 25, 2012

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Pirate Camp on Camano Island.

We left our cabin in Cascade view Clinton –  South Whidbey island around 9:30 am this morning.  Deborah, our neighbor sent us off with chocolate pecan peanut butter cookies and a hug.  We paddled against strong currents, at least 2mph and a head wind with chop around 8 – 10 mph all day.  This was the slowest I have ever gone in a kayak, YES it was a slog, but we made over 20 miles.  I decided to NEVER look at the GPS for boat speed as it is too depressing for a racer like me. (Later, Traci told me we were in the 3mph range.)  We stopped at a boat launch, ate Jarlsberg cheese, sausage and a great sandwich on Knut’s (my husbands) homemade bread.  That got us going strong again to our current location approx. 5 miles north of Camano Island State park.  It was too early to stop so we pushed on and set up a great pirate camp in the high water logs just South of an empty house for sale on the beach.  (I  just hope it remains above the high tide tonight, it will be close.) 


My Daily Menu

  • Breakfast
  • Oatmeal + powdered milk & dried mango
  • Starbuck via mocha
  • Lunch
  • Jarlsberg cheese & salami
  • Pita chips & trail mix
  • Dinner
  • Instant Garlic potatoes – “scary how they set up so fast”
Chocolate Bar count +.5

Total Miles: 41, Camano Island

Conditions: mid 50’s, north wind; barometer 1014

Deborah met us this morning with homemade cookies – yum!  She and Mary, neighbors of Tracy’s, were at the beach last night when we came in, and both were quite taken with our journey.  It was overcast and light north breeze when we launched on an outgoing tide.  We went straight up the coast, right under the ferry dock (no one yelled at us this time).  The wind and current built all morning until mid-passage up Camano it was 10-12mph against us and we were barely making 3mph.  Ugh.  Then it calmed and got nicer, and by Camas Beach it was near slack.  My rudder got jammed when we stopped; we had just pulled the oats partway onto the beach with the sterns still in the water.  The slight wave action got some sand in the rudder slot; I’ve not had this happen before, but this was way too easy.  Will have to be more careful about that – it’s a pain to clear.  We continued another four miles and pirate camped next to a vacant house for sale.  It was raining lightly when we landed, but otherwise dry.  A lot cooler than yesterday, no more than mid to upper 50’s.  Barometer fairly steady around 1014.

Power crisis.  My brilliant idea of keeping the Joos on deck to charge while paddling worked great yesterday.  Today the protective flap over the port failed, and salt water seeped in.  No good for electronics.  Crap.

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