Day 1: Sunday June 24, 2012

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Total Miles: 20, Golden Gardens to Whidbey Island (Landboe Cabin)

Conditions: mid-60s, calm wind; barometer 1016

9am Golden Gardens – arrive to load up the boats.  Clear skies, warmish temperatures, mild/no wind.  Shortly lots and lots of people arrive!  Peter Hirtle and his OC-1; dad and Nancy, Lee and Ilona, Bev, my brother and Jenn and Jenny Falco who blessed our boats and journey; my cousin Sue; Billie-mom and Bob, Bender; Michael and Michael Miller, Debbie and her family, Rich, Liz, Bob and Dan from SAM; Greg, Kristin, Lucy and Laney; Courtenay; Jeff and Theresa Knakal, Greg Barton, Neil, Jeff Clark (although we never saw him!); Gerry and Liz from the women’s group at Green Lake, plus one of their new recruits; Lorraine and daughter from David’s work; David and Rachel of course! And then Tracy, Knut, Arne, Tore and all her friends and family. I’m sure I missed naming folks, there were a lot of people there; David said we had around sixty people to send us off.  It was a beautiful display of love and support, I almost hated to leave.  I wish I had taken a picture while leaving the beach, of everyone gathered on shore to wish us well.

We had Jeff and Theresa in their shells, and Peter in his OC-1 escorting us from shore; later Greg and Neil caught up to us as well.  The Knakals came about three miles; Peter, Greg and Neil for about four or five.  Sunny, calm – couldn’t ask for a better start to our journey.  We had a nice ride on the outgoing tide until we got north of Edmonds, then a long slow slog up to Possession Point on Whidbey.  Very little marine life until Whidbey, other than a couple of seal heads popping up to watch us.  At Possession Point we found sea lions on the buoy and seals on a rock.  Oh yes, passed a deer on the shore at Glendale.  We found some relief from the current by cutting closer to shore and made good time to Tracy’s cabin, around 3:30pm.  Knut and Dave were ready to meet us!  We unloaded the heavy boats and brought them to shore.  T2 is done with showers, but I enjoyed one.  Knut made a wonderful meal, David made brownies and had fresh strawberries from our local farmers market, and John and Judy came by to wish us a good journey.

GoPro video by TracyL
More launch photos by John Flynn.
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