Photo Highlights

Clearly this was an adventure into the wild, and we did not have the opportunity to post updates on any kind of regular basis.  We both journaled daily however, and our plan is to slowly take our writings and our photographs, and create an electronic narrative of our journey.  Now that we are back in civilization, we will have to fit the time to do this around our busy lives, so the ideal plan is to create an entry for each day of adventure, on perhaps a weekly basis.  We’ll see how this plays out.  Meanwhile, we’ve picked some highlights from our photos to at least give you a taste of our past two months.  Enjoy!!


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3 Responses to Photo Highlights

  1. Amazing! I can hardly wait to see more. So jealous of the wonderful fish you ate and all the beautiful scenery! Not so jealous of the bath, I have to say. : )

  2. boopr says:

    congratulations! We are jealous having just spent a whopping week paddling Nuchatlitz on the west coast…not nearly enough time compared to T2! Best, Boo, Brent & Evan Turner

  3. Gerrie Hashisaki says:

    What wonderful memories the two of you will have. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures, which are probably the just the tip of all that you saw and experienced. I am so looking forward to the annotated version and am also so happy that you made it back safe and sound. An excellent adventure, Ladies!

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