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13 Responses to Ketchikan

  1. Dan Pickard says:

    Congratulations… I look forward to stories and tales of your epic journey. Enjoy the rest of summer! “It ain’t over til its over.” – Yogi Berra

  2. Ricki Vadset says:

    Yahoo!!! You look wet! Hope you got my earlier message congratulating you both. Love, Mormor

  3. tomi v says:

    Totally awesome!! You both have a fan club here at Amazon. Lookin good ladies!!! Tomi

  4. Knut says:

    Fantastic job! Now go get something to have those instant potatoes.

  5. Kari Monsen says:

    Awesome! What an incredible journey! Looking forward to hearing more about your travels when we get back to work…I looked for you when we were coming home on the Alaska Ferry from Ketchikan – you had just posted that you had passed Klemut…..

  6. kathleen petereit says:

    Wow you made it ! Congratulations !

  7. Rosalie says:

    I am so proud of you! Eager to see you and hear all the details, Love, mom2

  8. Cindy Jatul says:

    Congratulations Tracy and Tracy!!! Inspiring accomplishment! I had a feeling you had made it today after watching the US women win gold in soccer. What a great day for women athletes! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

  9. Kathy Murphy says:

    Wow, this is the coolest thing ever, and what a great inspiration.
    Tracy L., if you’re going to be back in the Seattle area during the week of 8/22, I hope you can stop by for a birthday workout for Mr. B. We’d love to celebrate your terrific accomplishment, too. If you can’t make it but would like to send greetings, you can email them to me, and I’ll pass them on.

  10. Kelly O'Mera says:

    Congratulations what an amazing accomplishment!

  11. Justine and all the Bartons says:

    Been waiting for this post from Ketchikan, and can’t wait to hear about all about the trip! Bet that first mocha tasted great Tracer! Love and congrats to you both, J.

  12. Congratulations to you both. Fantastic!!! Talked with Knut today and learned that even a gresley bear has not been able to stopp you. Hope you enjoy your stay in Alaska. Do not go looking for an other bear. Love Gudrun and fans in Norway / Denmark

  13. Courtenay Newton says:

    Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing more photos & hearing more stories when you return. So glad you’re taking time to see more of the Inside Passage by ferry; it’s gorgeous! You two are an inspiration!

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