Bella Bella, four weeks, 500 miles!

We are over half way, both in time and distance. We are doing well, leaner and meaner than ever. We are recharging at the Shearwater Marina, eating everything in sight, cleaning our selves and gear, and sleeping soundly in a real bed. Luxury! We have Internet, but it is very slow. I will try and make a lengthier post, but we have had such an amazing time it will be difficult to pull out just a few highlights. We are both journaling, so we can remember all these experiences, and can craft a narrative when we return. Love to all, we love your comments when we can get them – checking email is my next activity.

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7 Responses to Bella Bella, four weeks, 500 miles!

  1. tomi v says:

    awesome job you two!! I can only imagine the adventure and stories you must have. cant wait to see the images when you are able to post. could there be a book in your futures???

    • deborah sargent says:

      YES! A book….I have shared your web site with a few interested folks/and we are hoping the book will happed…Enjoying reading about your adventure. Keep up the GOOD work..Ruby is making sure you will get home safe… your island friend, Deborah

  2. Byron Vadset says:

    Dad is proud of you both be careful and enjoy a once in a life time first. Byron Vadset

  3. Marianne says:

    Holy Moly. Awesome.

  4. Ricki Vadset says:

    Tracy and Tracy – it is sooo good to hear that you are safely at Bella Bella and refueling yourselves. Thank you so much for the SPOT link – it is what keeps me reassured and sane as I follow your adventure. Can’t wait to read your journal when you return home. As for here – Clair Smith just left (without his hearing aid!!); golf was okay but no prizes; your dad is salmon fishing with Bruce L. tomorrow and Wednesday; crab season is open finally; my hamstring is healing slowly (despair!!); tomatoes are still green. Knut is doing a great job as mom and pop…and the boys are great too. Love to you both. Mom V.

  5. Sharon Thornton says:

    Hey! Wonderful! And you two look quite happy with coffee in hand. So glad you are having a respite, some food, a bed and a breather before you go the next round. The trip sounds like it is living up to your expectations. We’re so proud of you and excited to hear all about your adventures. I’m glad no bears have found you tempting . . . (May it stay that way!) Love to you — oodles of it!. Ma and Fumitaka

  6. Sandi vadset says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to get the email….Next time mention the weather!!!! We are having grey and rain, so you sure are not missing any thing here,,,,, Tracy can’t wait to kidnap you to the beach and here about everyday of your trip!!! So glad things are going good and the adventure continues… Still thinking of you every day…..Love ya Auntie Sandi

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