Two weeks and 240 miles!

We are enjoying some sunshine, burgers, and clean laundry on an easy paddle day. We have been paddling and camping in some stunning locations, and much dryer since leaving Nanaimo. Yesterday after setting up camp we swam and sunned like seals. We are heading out of the Gulf Islands and into Desolation Sound. Not very desolate today! We have been making good progress while the going is good, with absolutely fabulous paddling conditions. Life is good.

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7 Responses to Two weeks and 240 miles!

  1. mom2 and PL says:

    Go good to hear of your success and that you are taking time for r&r along the way. Desolation Sound…Today is exquisite weather here in B’ham and PapaLarry and I are imagining you in same!!! We are staying tuned…

  2. Byron Vadset says:

    Dad is proud of you but wants to know about fishing results and cooking. T L.

  3. Gerrie says:

    Rockin’ and rollin’ right along there, Ladies! Way to go! Thinking of you on my Montana lake, which is pretty placid compared to your route.

  4. Nadja says:

    Isn’t Yorke island COOL!! Steve, Greg, Jim & I had so much fun exploring the old military bunkers when we camped there last year! Have a great journey through Johnstone Straits- we’ll be heading up there next week with Sherri on our annual trip to escape with the playful Northern Resident Orca whales- too bad we’re just missing you! ~Safe paddles & Happy camping to Ketchikan !

  5. Sandi vadset says:

    Hi Tracy’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun to follow you along your great adventure!!! Weather is summer here, about time!!! We were all atthe beach and winetasting on the 4th. You were missed!!! Sean and Stephinie got married on Sat… Just the best time and so many of us there to help celebrate! Keep up the good work and I think of you everyday…Auntie Sandi

  6. Sharon Thornton says:

    Hi! You are half way now! I wish I could bring you a hamburger, or sushi. Maybe you are making your own sashimi. Just talked to David and Rachel and it was good to hear that you are having a fabulous and safe time. Can hardly wait to hear all about it and see pictures. Sending you lots of love! Ma and Fumitaka

    • watersprite says:

      We have been eating some amazing rock cod that Tracy has been catching. Delicious! Cleaning up and refueling today. Miss you! Having an amazing time. Love to you and Fumitaka.


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