Layover in Nanaimo

Today we met our paddling friend Kathleen P who paddled her surfski over to meet us at Newcastle Island park. She may be the first person to take a load of laundry by surfski! (thank you Kathleen!). We also met with Lana and her family. Lana works with Nicky, so we turned over our algae samples and got some spares for the next stretch of our journey. We’ve been making good distance, but are looking forward to some warmer, dryer weather which is currently the forecast.

Day 8: chocolate bar count=4, knitting=0.

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One Response to Layover in Nanaimo

  1. Gerrie Hashisaki says:

    Okay, you inspired me. I bought a sea kayak, which fits like a glove. Taking it to Montana, where I’ll learn about its secondary stability. The first is like a sprint boat-interesting. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that the weather gods bless you.

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