Power failure

I am an idiot. Day one the solar panel was charging away all day. Awesome! Day two we had a bit more wind and sea, and the flimsy port cover loosened. Salt water corrosion – catastrophe. I should have seen that coming and secured the port with a piece of electrical tape. Quick thinking: Tracy has relatives on Shaw, could we get a replacement shipped? I still had some phone power and cell coverage, but couldn’t find a phone number to contact the manufacturer. I called David and left a message, then turned off the phone for the day. Good news, conditions were very favorable for us to make good speed, more than double that of yesterday. We came through Deception Pass and set up camp in Bowman Bay. More good news, Rosalie and Larry met us with love and dinner. And a iPod power cable! I’m in the restroom typing away as the phone charges. Even more good news, David, bless his sweet heart, will meet us at Shaw tomorrow with two new solar chargers. Any wonder why I love this man?

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3 Responses to Power failure

  1. Gerrie says:

    Awesome support! May the Force stay with you.

  2. tomi v says:

    Let the fun begin….!!! 🙂
    I will be enjoying following ingenuity and problem solving in action.
    So happy to have a vicarious adventure life!! Tomi

  3. mom2 and PL says:

    It was great fun to see you and Tracy in your adventure, and more than happy we were able to bring the cord as well as some nourishment. Those Skuksan strawberries were good, weren’t they? We are keep you in our hearts and thoughts. Will post the photos on FB so you and your mom can check out Bowman Bay encampment. Love you!!! May you have the wind to your back.

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