Entertainment Center

This week my paddling friends were asking what I was planning to do for entertainment when not paddling.  You mean other than eat and sleep?!

Well, no books, other than a couple of Inside Passage reference books and maps. Maybe I’ll do a last minute download onto the iPad, but the idea is to get some quality time without (or with less) electronics.

So what am I bringing?  A sketch book, some pens and pencils, a travel watercolor palette, some lace yarn and knitting needles.  At lace and knitting, there was dead silence.

Actually, it’s perfect.  Almost 1500 yards of lace yarn packs up to the size of a baseball.  The knitting needles are smaller than pencils.  And with lace charts galore, it will provide *hours* of entertainment, without requiring any batteries.  Here’s a link to my project for the trip: http://www.kieranfoley.com/knit_lab_american_gothic.html.  Will I finish before we reach Ketchikan?  Stay tuned to find out 😉



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2 Responses to Entertainment

  1. Gerrie Hashisaki says:

    Oh, my, Traci. 1 mm beads!. You’ll be paddling by Braille at the end of the trip. Very best wishes,

  2. Billie says:

    I would rather have a painting than a sweater for Christmas. I am so excited for you.
    Love, Billie Mom

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