True Confessions number 2.

Mocha in the Wilderness.

OK, so I love to fish, hunted a lot when I was younger and I have no problems killing things if I am going to eat it.   I gather wild greens for my families evening salads and grow fruit and vegetables for us to eat in the yard.   Digging up things, slinging guts and cleaning out fish is just part of making a meal.   Alas, I am a true middle aged modern Seattilite and I do love my daily mocha.   So, I just walked out of Star

My starbucks daily self indulgence

bucks with $50.00  of their VIA flavored coffee packets for our journey.   Starbucks in the wilderness!   These little packets work great.  I have my choice of Mocha, vanilla, or caramel.   One for each morning of my trip up the inside passage to Alaska.  One must have their mocha!


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2 Responses to True Confessions number 2.

  1. Vidette says:

    I LOVE via. It definitely saves my sanity when the girl and I go camping. You are going to have a blast! I’m excited for you.

  2. Renee says:

    YES – those VIA packets were something that I loved when backpacking too – and so light

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