A Tale of Two T’s

It seems there is a little confusion here, given that Tracy and Traci are paddling and blogging together. It happens. Did you know that phonetically both our first AND middle names are identical?  Now that’s weird.

Anyway, since we are both posting to this blog – it is ONE trip after all – and some of you might wonder who is talking, check the “posted on <date> by <name>” and all will be clear.  If name=”tglandboe”, then Tracy L has the floor.  If name=”watersprite”, then it is me, Traci C.  If it is something else, someone has hacked our blog.

At least, that’s true leading up to the trip.  We’ve been checking into phone and data plans, and it’s crazy expensive.  Right now we’re thinking a quick text message might be the best way to go.  I’m not sure how that will work out, but if you see just a single line update here in the future, it is likely coming from Tracy L’s phone.

T-minus ten days and counting!

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