Paddle for a cause?

Some adventurers look for sponsors to help them reach new or exotic goals.  Our trip, while a great adventure for us, isn’t really breaking new ground.  Ferries run the route on a regular basis, people have rowed, kayaked, and sailed the inside passage, and many have written eloquent stories on the experience.  We’re following in some big footprints.

Other adventurers look to use their expedition to raise funds or awareness for worthwhile causes.  I admire these people, but find I just barely have the time and energy to get our own planning, equipment, and supplies in order.  Trying to raise funds on top of everything else would simply push me over the edge.

However, the possibility of aiding someone’s scientific research while we are out in the field excites me.  Back in March one of my co-workers (thank you Tom!) pointed me to a great website linking scientists with adventurers to get field samples or reports where there was no funding to mount a purely scientific expedition.  Could we count whales?  Examine otter scat?  Take water samples? We registered and heard back this last week, but with less that two weeks to go, it may not happen for us.  Bummer. However, if any of you are planning your own excursions, check this out:

So now I’m sort-of falling back on paddling for a cause.  If our adventure inspires you in any way, perhaps you might consider supporting some of the organizations that keep our wilderness wild, and our environment clean.  Some I support and believe in:

Are there other organizations you support? Who do you think is making a difference for our planet?

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