True confessions of a water women part 1

my waterproof mascara

As the launch date for our journey up the inside passage nears, (just 15 days away) it is time to finalize my gear.  I have been finishing up the details of my mini tackle box, medicine kit, repair  kit and all important  toiletries.  While finishing up packing my toiletries, I found myself staring at my waterproof mascara and thinking…. Do I take it along or leave it behind?

Now, I have my best pair of tweezers packed and a small mirror for sure, (there are some hairs that I just don’t think I can allow to grow), and who knows what sort of nasty splinters, medical emergencies or fixes that might arise that require tweezers.  But….. mascara? Of course it’s not like I use it every day and none of my friends would describe me as a high maintenance product girl, however……
After a talk with several of my girlfriends about this dilemma, a smart solution was found. I should schedule an eyelash dye at my local beauty salon before I depart!

I am leaving my poor mascara at home.


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2 Responses to True confessions of a water women part 1

  1. watersprite says:

    This is just too funny! Reminds me of one of the UW coxswains many years ago who had eyeliner tatooed on, thus saving precious minutes each and every morning at 5am…!

  2. Gerrie Hashisaki says:

    Well, it does lighten the load, plus just think how great you’ll look on those grey, foggy mornings. I’m getting excited for you two.

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