Remember the telephone game?

As our trip gets closer, I’ve had many people come up to ask if we are ready (getting there), are we excited (very!), and to say how cool they think this is (yes!!).  Word of mouth has news of our trip rippling out to friends, family, and coworkers.  What is funny is how our journey sometimes morphs into something completely different, and unexpected.  Someone had heard we were traveling down some unnamed or unknown river – sounds like fun, but that’s not this adventure.  Even better, one of my paddling friends asked what boat we were taking.  When I answered the Epic 18x Sport, the confused response was “What?  Wait, a kayak?  That’s a whole lot more difficult!”.  Evidently somewhere the word got out that we were *sailing* to Alaska!  This person thought our trip much more adventurous by kayak, but since I know next to nothing about sailing (that’s my husband’s department) I humbly disagree.

Countdown: T-minus five weeks and counting!


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One Response to Remember the telephone game?

  1. Gerrie Hashisaki says:

    Who’s counting? I can’t imagine all the preparation. You two are so incredible; it makes me proud to know you. Best wishes for good water.


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