Hang Time

Hang Time

Nap time in the hammock

Last summer in anticipation of this trip, I picked up a backpacking hammock at one of REI’s frequent sales (in fact, the same hammock is on sale again right now).  My thinking is that a small backpacking tent might seem awfully small, night after night; plus, the hammock can double as a reading nook, nap spot, or just some place to sit if everything around is soggy and wet.

It’s been sitting in my pile of gear, untested and unused.  With the looming nearness of our trip, it seemed time to make sure I knew how to set the thing up.  The fantastic weather we’ve been having also made it very enticing for an outdoor nap on mother’s day.  I wrapped the straps around the support beams for our upper deck, clipped on the carabiners, and was out like a light.

It’s a keeper.

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One Response to Hang Time

  1. Sharon Thornton says:

    I’d recognize those feet anywhere!

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