Food Prep III

Energy Bars

Homemade energy bars

Current food obsession: energy bars.  Our local grocery store had several different brands on sale last month, so I picked up a variety to try them out.  For the most part, can you say yuck?  About the flavor and texture of cardboard.  And that’s being kind.  The most palatable of the common brands would be the Lara and Luna bars.  PCC has some tastier bars that seem very healthy, but they are also very pricey.  Off to the Google!  I found a couple of recipes to try out.  The one pictured to the right turned out pretty good; I think we’ll be happy muching on this one. These I simply mixed, froze, and sealed in vacuum bags.  I have another recipe mixed up that will be dehydrated to preserve it; I’m a little doubtful about this second one – I may be eating it alone while Tracy enjoys the Lara bars…

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