Taste Test

Tonight I conducted my taste test on 7 different types of dehydrated soups from the bulk food bins at PCC.  Traci C gave them to me to try out and here is my review.

  • Corn chowder  #1    and   # 2  Split pea – Yummy!

The corn chowder had great texture and flavor with the added bonus of very fast hydration.  ( Both of these choices will not require lots of fuel or cooking time.)

  • # 3  Curry Lentil –   OK texture, good flavor – pretty fast cook time.
  •  #4-5  Pinto Bean and Black Bean  – Nothing special flavor wise.   OK cook time  I think we should leave these in the bulk food bin at PCC.
  • Last Place  Veggie Soup mix.

It never fully hydrated even after 30 minutes in hot water.  (But with such good flavor, I think we should take some and hydrate it in an empty water bottle during the day and then cook it in hot water at night to finish it up.)

My vote is to take the corn chowder, split pea, and the last place veggie soup mix….Of course, I hope the fish are biting and Soup will just be the appetizer!


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One Response to Taste Test

  1. watersprite says:

    Switch #1 and #2 and I am in agreement with the rest. I’ll stock up on the winners next time I’m at the store!

    -Traci C

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