Food Prep II

Dehydrating Apples

Dehydrating Apples

I’m borrowing a dehydrator and vacuum seal from Billie-mom to prepare some dried fruit and veggies.  This is a lot of work!

I haven’t done this before, so I got a half-dozen Braeburn apples to prepare.  This dehydrator has a lot of trays, so even slicing thin I had more trays than apples.  So I sliced up two more apples – Pink Lady this time.  Still more room.  Hmmm, what else can I toss in?  One mango.

About ten hours later, I had some nicely dried fruit.

Packaged Fruit

Packaged Fruit

I did nothing special to prepare the fruit, other than washing and slicing them.  I did take the peel off the mango.  Freshly dried the color looks good and they taste great.  That’s a lot of work though, to prepare a very small supply.  Trader Joe’s dried fruit is looking rather attractive at the moment, but it is very satisfying to do my own.

Next up: homemade energy bars!

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