Technology is great but………..

All this Technology is great fun, but it is only a backup system.

I thought I best write a little about the proper place for all of these fun new techno gadgets Traci and I are learning about and setting up this winter.   They are useful items for sure, but they will be used as a backup system and reference check, not the primary sources of information on our trip.   We will use charts and compass for navigation, just like people have been doing since the early European explorers made them.  We will be making decisions based upon our years of experience with tides, winds, currents and a general understanding what the water is saying to us.  Just like water people and the First Nations people of the Northwest have been doing for centuries.  There is no good substitute for real experience and local conditions in real life time.   Don’t get me wrong, it will be great to have verification from my GPS especially on foggy days, and we will listen to the weather forecasts on our VHF radio’s daily.  What kayaker doesn’t love the mechanically friendly voices from a local marine forecast?  But as my uncle and Charter boat captain would say, “you need to have a backup for your back up.”    This is something that all good captains understand and a practice that I bring with me whenever I head out on an outdoor adventure. 



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