Not all those who wander are lost

compass on deck

compass on deck

Have compass, will travel!  I like the deck placement, and the slight hump on the hatch to provide a good viewing angle.  This was from my Friday lunchtime paddle (the weather this weekend wasn’t quite so spring-like… although I did get to test my new pogies today, and I like them a lot.  I think they will work well to protect my hands without overheating).



Great Blue Heron

I also took my waterproof camera along for a spin, and spotted a few herons hanging around.  Soon there will be dozens of them hanging out at the slough, looking like delinquent teenagers.

Too bad it was just my lunch break, I could have spent the day out there.

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One Response to Not all those who wander are lost

  1. Compass looks great! Call me next time you do a lunch paddle. Miss you and miss getting out in my boat. Life is too hectic right now.

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