Safety Net

SPOT Connect

How closely do we need to be tied to the communication network while venturing into the wild?  A question we have been asking ourselves and researching for this trip.  Why would we even want to be connected? Two main reasons jump to mind – to be able to place an emergency call, just in case; and to be able to send quick updates to reassure family and friends on our progress.

Cell coverage looks to be pretty decent along the coast of Vancouver island, but it gets quite sketchy farther north.  Satellite phone?  Darn expensive, even to rent.  EPIRB?  This is a marine safety beacon for distress calls only, also pricey and designed for ships or boats more than kayaks.  SPOT is yet another technology, and some of the newer releases look like a possible affordable match for our journey.  Right now I’m thinking the Spot Connect Satellite communicator, along with my iPhone, might be the ideal solution.  Emergency signal capability, as well as text updates of our location.  We just might be able to post quick updates here throughout the trip!

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One Response to Safety Net

  1. Aj says:

    I agree that you should have some sort of communication, especially for emergency situations and to keep us at home apprised of your trip. The Spot connect sounds like it will be ideal for general communication, BUT I would still get an EPIRB for back up in case the Spot or your iphone fail. These actually looked affordable??

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