Solar Power

Joos Orange

While this trip is meant to take a break from civilization and get back in tune with our natural word, there are some electronics that can add a level of comfort and safety. This is my working list of items with batteries. 

digital camera (Panasonic Lumix TS3)
VHF marine radio
GPS (Garmin GPSmap 62s) – 2xAA
Kestrel handheld weather station – 2xAAA
headlamp – 3xAAA
boat light – 3xAA
steripen – 2x CR123 lithium (won’t be recharging these!)

For the camera, iPhone and iPad, some sort of solar charger will be necessary to keep the power topped off.  The GPS batteries will probably also need recharging at some point.  The Kestrel and the lights (led) seem to run forever.  I’m still in the process of research, but at the moment the top contenders are:

GoalZero (
Brunton (
SunLeaf (
Solar JOOS ( – new addition, and now top of my list

If anyone has experiences, positive or negative, with any solar systems, please feel free to leave your insights as a comment to this post!

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