The maps

Grey whale spy hop

The Maps.

We started our initial planning by rough mapping out estimated daily distances and camping spots for the entire trip using the Marine Atlas Volume 1 and 2.  These Chart
books are a great reference to get started and a reasonable price compared to purchasing all of charts of the inside passage.  Traci and I spent a day and a half plotting our way along using the Atlas and writing down distances. With surf ski trips in between that included kayaking with Grey Whales off of Hat Island.
The next step,  was to switch to digital mapping using Goggle Earth to map distances, and collect Waypoints for the camping spots we roughed out using the Marine Atlas.  We also  added camping spots from paddlers who had posted their routes on line in addition to the spots we had roughed out using the Chart books.  The next step, will be to purchase the detailed charts that we need, mark them up; cut them down to save space.

I have attached our trip outline from google earth and google maps so that you can follow along as we go next summer.


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