The Gear!

Epic mid wing paddle.. my favorite tool.

The Boats.

This was an easy choice for the three of us.  Being used to paddling in high performance
kayaks, the choice is an easy one.  The Epic 18X Sea Kayak with the rudder system is the only way to go.  Lots of storage capacity, steering for surfing and holding course while maintaining maximum speed and efficiency.  Excellent design and engineering both in the
hull, rudder system, adjustable foot bracing and seat length.  All this and a strong yet light overall construction.   Freya Hoffmeister circumnavigated Australia in this same kayak and it is proven design for performance and durability.

The Paddles.

Epic mid light wing paddles.   This is the paddle I have been using for years in all kinds of conditions and kayaks from Flat water racing K-1, to surf ski to Sea kayaking.  Light, durable.  I have never broken my Epic paddle even after 15 years of use.  I would not even consider anything else.


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Mom, High School science teacher, Water women
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