Butt-Boat Interface

This coming weekend we will be paddling four days in the San Juan islands.  Based on our first trip, my kayak seat needs some modifications to keep the bum happy.  After several hours of paddling, I had two issues: first, the solid foot-board (brilliant!) allows one to get good leg drive, but this caused me to press my sacrum into the back ledge of the seat – leading to a raw spot.  Ouch.  Second, the seat is awful hard on the sit bones after a couple of hours.

Take one I slipped in a Hot Seat that I sometimes put in the surfski to pad up the seat.  I went out for about a 90 minute paddle and decided that it wasn’t the solution.

Seat modifications in progress

Take two I got some 1/4″ closed cell foam from the Friendly Foam shop.  I put a small strip across the back lip of the seat so that there is a little bit of padding as I press back into it.  I then used my rowing shell seat as a model for a seat pad, including cut-outs for the sit bones.  I figure I have far more miles in my shell than I will put in for the Inside Passage trip, so what has worked well in the past should be good here.  This weekend I’ll see if that is true…

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